Chrome OS for ChromeBook

Click edit button to change this text.In your ChromeBook:
Click on the status area in the lower right corner of the screen, where your account picture is shown.

Select Settings.

Click on Show advanced settings.

In the section Languages, click on the button Language and input settings.

If the language you want is not already in the list, click on the Add button and choose the language to use.

Click on OK.

To change the keyboard layout that you are using to another, press Alt + Shift.

Esperanto is in the list of languages available, but it says “Chromium cannot be displayed in this language”. The same occurs with some of the other languages. However we set the layout to “US international keyboard” and found that it allows the accented Esperanto letters to be typed with dead keys thus:

for ĉ type ^ c

for ŭ type AltGr + Shift + ( and then u

Note: AltGr is the right Alt key.

For double quotes type “ Space. For apostrophe type ‘ Space. This is because this is a dead key for umlauts etc: e.g. ö é