For most Esperantists who use an Android device, the Google Keyboard will be sufficient. For advanced users SwiftKey or MessagEase may be useful.

Please let us know of your experience.

Google Keyboard

Android’s built-in Google Keyboard supports the input of Esperanto text and does auto-correction. To add an Esperanto keyboard to your Android setup go to Settings > Languages & Input > Virtual keyboard > Android Keyboard (AOSP) > Languages > set “Use system languages” to OFF > choose Esperanto > close the settings app. For details with screen shots see:

We have read reports that some distributions of Android do not include all languages for which keyboard layouts are available. We don’t know whether that is true or whether the writer did not find the right place to change the setting.

If your device does not have Esperanto as a language option you need to install an app which gives you the capability of typing the Esperanto accented letters. Here are the main contenders:


Gboard (available here) works just fine for Esperanto.  Those who say Esperanto is not available are incorrect.  Go to: Settings > System > Languages & input (Gboard) > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Languages > Add keyboard > Esperanto > Done. (Tested in Android 10).

When you get to Languages & input (Gboard), avoid the temptation to go to Languages > Add language, because Esperanto is not on the list there.


AnySoftKeyboard no longer supports an Esperanto keyboard layout, but the accented letters are still available via a long press on the host letter on its English keyboard.


Swiftkey added Esperanto support in September 2016 and automatically detects when you change from one language to another. Word prediction is also active while typing in Esperanto. [Note: if you have Esperanto activated as one of your languages, Esperanto words will appear as predictive options, alongside English and any other active languages, regardless of the language you are typing in.] You can use up to five languages in this way. SwiftKey also allows the user to swipe from one letter to the next instead of typing. Refer to:

SwiftKey is available from Google Play Store


MessagEase is a very different keyboard with only nine keys which enables you to get to speeds of around 30 words per minute or more. Some users say it is good for Esperanto and other languages because, instead of long-pressing for accents, you can compose accents.  For a demonstration, see: More at

MessagEase is available from Google Play Store.