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Google Keyboard

Android’s built-in Google Keyboard supports Esperanto and does autocorrection. To include Esperanto as one of your languages go to Settings > Language and add Esperanto to the active languages.

Unfortunately some distributions of Android do not include all languages for which keyboard layouts are available. Lists of available layouts are here. If you can figure out how to install a language which is not provided, please let us know.

If your device does not have Esperanto as a language option you need to install an app which gives you the capability of typing the Esperanto accented letters. Here are the main contenders:


Download the AnySoftKeyboard application and its Esperanto language pack. One can download them from the Android Market (Google asks for a payment) or, more safely and without payment, from F-Droid. For information on F-Droid:

To download from F-Droid you need the F-Droid app. Enable downloading from third party sources: choose Settings > Applications > Unknown sources. Start your browser and browse to here. Download the F-Droid app and install it. Close the browser.

To download AnySoftKeyboard start the F-Droid app. When it displays the F-Droid page, press the menu key and chose Search. Type in “anysoft” and touch the Search icon. A list of apps will appear. Touch the top entry for AnySoftKeyboard (the main app), scroll down to the available versions, touch the latest version, download and install the app and activate it on your device. Also download the Esperanto language pack. Close the F-Droid app. Disable third party downloads (for safety reasons).

Start the AnySoftKeyboard app and select Keyboards. Esperanto needs to be selecte if you want to use the Esperanto layout. The first time you use an application where you want to input Esperanto text, long touch the input field. Select “Input method” and then select AnySoftKeyboard. Touch the small button “Esperanto keyboard” on the right side, to change to the Esperanto keyboard. It should display “Esperanto keyboard” on the space bar. To change to English touch “English” in the same place.

With the English-US layout (and presumably with others), when you long press a key, you may get a popup with the possible accented characters related to that letter. So, for example, pressing c will trigger a popup which includes ĉ.


Swiftkey added Esperanto support in September 2016 and automatically detects when you change from one language to another. Word prediction is also active while typing in Esperanto. You can use up to five languages in this way. Refer to:

SwiftKey also allows the user to swipe from one letter to the next instead of typing.

SwiftKey is available Google Play Store


MessagEase is a very different keyboard with only 9 keys which enables you to get to speeds of around 30 words per minute or more. Some users say it is good for Esperanto and other languages because instead of long-pressing for accents, you can compose accents.

MessagEase is available from Google Play Store

Please let us know of your experience.