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In Auckland on 22 August?

Check out the talk on this year's International Youth Congress at Auckland University at 4pm on Wednesday, 22 August.  For more details,

In Auckland on 22 August?2018-08-17T16:59:12+12:00

Esperanto’s birthday on 26 July

The only language with a birthday is turning 131 years young. Esperanto, published by Ludwig Zamenhof on 26 July 1887, was designed

Esperanto’s birthday on 26 July2018-07-23T19:24:48+12:00

Treaty of Waitangi in Esperanto

Here is a translation of the Treaty of Waitangi into Esperanto: https://treatytimes30dotorg.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/f_6984_nzt_treatyx30.pdf.

Treaty of Waitangi in Esperanto2018-06-13T20:39:37+12:00

Students explore Esperanto across Europe

Two students from Stanford University have spent two months travelling across Europe meeting Esperanto-speakers as part of a study into Esperanto culture. 

Students explore Esperanto across Europe2018-06-13T20:15:25+12:00

100,000 registrations on DuoLingo

Up 'til 22nd August 2015 there had been 100000 people registered to learn Esperanto from English at the DUOLINGO website. <https://www.duolingo.com/course/eo/en/Learn-Esperanto-Online> The

100,000 registrations on DuoLingo2018-02-07T07:45:29+12:00